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The " patented" 3 & 1 Paint Ring Lets You; "Paint , Po​ur , Store & More"

without messy cleanup!

Welcome To 3 in 1 Paint Ring

Finally an end to messy paint clean up & spilling!

This revolutionary product snaps onto a 1 gallon paint can.

* Shields & covers the paint can cover groove from paint 

      * Magnet & brush pad holds your wet brush & allows drip back into can

* Pouring Spout eliminates paint drip to outside of can 

Why Us?

Made in U.S.A


(D877,659 S)


Distributors Wanted

Ground Floor Opportunity

Unlike other paint devices ours fits different size 1 gallon cans & offers most features!

Contact Us

Talk or Text; (401) 369-6321

Fax; (508)-318-8187

Pint Ring

Our Partners....Who will they be?... your Co.?

Ground Floor Opportunities

This Innovated & Revolutionary Painting Product is finally refined & could be as common as the paint brush itself someday. 

We are looking for distributor partners with vision.

Our goal is to get our product in every homeowners & painting contractors hands in the U.S.A. & beyond.  

3 & 1 Paint Ring Inc.

© 2018   3 & 1 Paint Ring, Inc

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