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Our Story

No matter how careful even the most professional painter is its impossible to pour paint from a 1 gallon without getting any in the cans lid groove & rare to avoid spilling on the outside of can. Even placing your brush down in between painting can be a mess. The 3 & 1 Paint Ring virtually eliminates this messy & tedious clean up ritual.

The inventors of the 3 & 1 Paint Ring struggled for a solution & improvement on older style paint rings which either wouldn't hold the brush, wouldn't effectively stop outside the can paint drip, wouldn't fit slightly different sized 1 gallon cans, or prevent lid groove mess. Ours does all of this & more! It also has a magnetic landing pad to hold brush & recycle drip back into can during breaks.

Now the only thing you need to clean is the ring itself by dropping it in a water bucket, cleaning solvent, sink,or easily flushing clean for permanent reuse.

If you don't want to clean anything simply pop out magnet & recycle plastic ring after a big job since time & money saved on clean ups can warrant stocking up on disposable paint rings!

Our Goal

This Innovative & Revolutionary Painting Product is finally refined & could be as common as the paint brush soon. 

We are looking for distributor partners with vision.

Our goal is to get this in most homeowners & painting contractors hands in the U.S.A. & beyond.  


Why Choose Us

Made in the U.S.A.

Most Uses


It Works Guaranteed 

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